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Common King Snake
Jessie Cohen
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Peter Buck Fellowship Program

The Peter Buck Fellowship Program offers Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellowships to those wishing to work with advisors at NMNH. Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellowships are two to three years in duration, and awarded to scientists who have received their Ph.D. or equivalent degree in the last five years. Peter Buck Graduate Fellowships are one to two years in duration, and awarded to any student enrolled in or admitted to a Ph.D. program, as long as her or his advisor/coadvisor is on the staff of NMNH and the project involves full-time residency at the Museum and/or its permanent facilities during the fellowship period. Application guidelines and deadlines are the same as for Smithsonian Fellowships. Peter Buck Fellowships are open to citizens of any country.

Areas of study: Any area of study related to the National Museum of Natural History's research staff, collections and facilities.

Stipend: Peter Buck Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellows receive the same stipend as other Smithsonian Fellows on an annual basis.

Term: Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellowships are for 2-3 years; Peter Buck Graduate Fellowships are for 1-2 years. Applications for Peter Buck Fellowships may be considered for Smithsonian Fellowships as well. (Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellowships are for up to two years. Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellowships are for up to one year and require the student to have been admitted to candidacy. Smithsonian Graduate Fellowships are for 10 weeks.) Postdoctoral proposals for less than two years will be considered for a Smithsonian Fellowship only. Postdoctoral proposals for two years will automatically be considered for both a Peter Buck Fellowship and a Smithsonian Fellowship. Postdoctoral candidates may propose a 1-2 year-long version of the project (Smithsonian Fellowship) and a 2-3 year-long version (Peter Buck Fellowship), but must provide a separate description and schedule for each.

Deadline: See Office of Fellowships deadline

Contact: Helen James, National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012

Phone: (202) 633-0792

Email: jamesh[at]

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