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Department of Vertebrate Zoology

Division of Birds

Labrador Duck
Labrador Duck
Christina Gebhard © Smithsonian Institution
bar Christopher J. Huddleston
    Christopher J. Huddleston
    Laboratories of Analytical Biology Technician

  • Phone: (301)238-1115
  • Fax: (301)238-3059
  • E-mail: huddlestonc[at]

  • Mailing and Shipping Address:
    c/o Laboratories of Analytical Biology
    Smithsonian Institution
    Museum Support Center
    4210 Silver Hill Rd
    Suitland, MD 20746


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M.S. Biology, University of Cincinnati
B.S. Zoology, Kent State University

Research Interests

1. Avian Phylogenetics
2. Avian Population Genetics
3. Avian Genetic Resource Collection

Selected Publications

Cleere, N., A.W. Kratter, D.W. Steadman, M.J.Braun, C.J. Huddleston, C.E. Filardi, and G. Dutson. 2007. A new genus of frogmouth (Podargidae) from the Solomon Islands-results from a taxonomic review of Podargus ocellatus inexpectatus Hartert 1901. Ibis 149: 271-286.

Robbins, M.B., M.J. Braun, C.J. Huddleston, D.W. Finch, and C.M. Milensky. 2005. Systematics, natural history, and first Guyana records of the white-naped seedeater (Dolospingus fringilloides). Ibis 147: 334-341.

Harshman, J., C.J. Huddleston, J.P. Bollback, T.J. Parsons, and M.J. Braun. 2003. True and false gavials: a nuclear gene phylogeny of crocodylia. Systematic Biology 52(3): 386-402.

Mindell, D., M. Sorenson, C. Huddleston, H. Miranda, A. Knight, S. Sawchuk, and T. Yuri. 1997. Phylogenetic relationships among and within select avian orders based on mitochondrial DNA. In “Avian molecular evolution and sytematics” (D. Mindell, ed.), pp. 213-247. Academic Press, San Diego, CA.

Mindell, D.P., A. Knight, C. Baer, and C.J. Huddleston. 1996. Slow rates of molecular evolution in birds and the metabolic rate and body temperature hypotheses. Molecular Biology and Evolution 13: 422-426.

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