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Division of Mammals

Tarsius bancanus
bar Don Wilson
    Don E. Wilson
    Curator Emeritus

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  • E-mail: wilsond[at]

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    Smithsonian Institution
    PO Box 37012, MRC 108
    Washington, DC 20013-7012

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    National Museum of Natural History
    10th and Constitution Ave, NW
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Ph.D.: University of New Mexico, 1970
M.S.: University of New Mexico, 1967
B.S.: University of Arizona, 1965

Research Interests

I am interested in mammalian evolution and classification in general, spurred primarily by 2 decades of shepherding "Mammal Species of the World" through 2 editions. A career-long fascination with bats continues unabated, and a smattering of my research time is devoted to various aspects of chiropteran biology. My current major project involves the production of an 8-volume treatise entitled "Handbook of Mammals of the World." The first volume, covering Carnivores, was published by Lynx Edicions in 2009. The second volume, on hoofed mammals, appeared in 2011. I also retain an interest in the mammals of North America, which began with "The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals," and continued through 2 editions of the Princeton Field Guide to North American Mammals. Using text and photos from those 2 publications, we spun off a website devoted to North American Mammals and there is now an I-phone application as well.

Recent Publications

Ceballos, Gerardo and Wilson, Don E. 2013. Family Sciuridae. In: Ceballos, Gerardo, Mammals of Mexico. Mexico City: UNAM, pp.1-1016.

Wilson, Don E. 2013. Palabras de Don E. Wilson, distinguido con del premio Zotz por la Red Latinoamericana para la Conservación de los Murciélagos (RELCOM). In: Bernal Rodriguez, 16th International Bat Research Conference (IBRC). San Jose: RELCOM, pp.3

Moratelli, Ricardo, Gardner, Alfred L., de Olivera, J. A. and Wilson, Don E. 2013. Review of Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from northern South America, including description of a new species. American Museum Novitates, 3780: 1-36.

Wilson, Don E. 2013. Chiroptera. In: Smith, A. T. and Xie, Y., Pocket guide to Mammals of China. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, pp.217-274.

Moratelli, Ricardo and Wilson, Don E. 2013. Distribution and natural history of Myotis lavali (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Journal of Mammalogy, 94(3): 650-656. doi:10.1644/12-MAMM-A-257.1

Mittermeier, Russell A., Rylands, Anthony B. and Wilson, Don E.. 2013. Handbook of Mammals of the World: Primates. Barcelona: LYNX.

Helgen, Kristofer M., Pinto, Miguel, Kays, Roland, Helgen, Lauren, Tsuchiya, Mirian, Quinn, Aleta, Wilson, Don E. and Maldonado, Jesus E. 2013. Taxonomic revision of the olingos (Bassaricyon), with description of a new species, the Olinguito. Zookeys, 324: 1-83. doi:10.3897/zookeys.324.5827

Larsen, Roxanne J., Knapp, Michelle C., Genoways, Hugh H., Khan, Faisal Ali Anwarali, Larsen, Peter A., Wilson, Don E. and Baker, Robert J. 2012. Genetic Diversity of Neotropical Myotis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) with an Emphasis on South American Species. Plos One, 7(10): 1-9. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046578

Moratelli, Ricardo and Wilson, Don E. 2011. The identity of Myotis punensis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae). Zoologia, 28(1): 115-121. doi:10.1590/S1984-46702011000100016

Wilson, Don E. and Murariu, Dumitru T. 2011. Review of: The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals. Journal of mammalogy, 92(2): 474-475.

Wilson, Don E. and Timm, Robert M. 2011. Robert S. Hoffmann: 1929–2010. Journal of Mammalogy, 92(2): 460-473. doi:10.1644/10-MAMM-O-421.1

Wilson, Don E., Young, Richard and Amori, Giovanni 2011. Formation of the Small Mammal Specialist Group. Species, 53: 30

Moratelli, Ricardo and Wilson, Don E. 2011. A new species of Myotis Kaup, 1829 (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from Ecuador. Mammalian Biology, 76(5): 608-614. doi:10.1016/j.mambio.2010.10.003

Wilson, Don E. 2010. Review of: What's in a Name?. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 17(2): 149-150.

Cole, F. R. and Wilson, Don E. 2010. Microtus miurus. Mammalian Species, 42(855): 75-89. doi:10.1644/855.1

Wilson, Don E. 2010. Review of: The Eponym dictionary of mammals. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 17(2): 149 doi:10.1007/s10914-009-9127-9

Wilson, Don E. and Hanlon, Elizabeth 2010. Lemur catta. Mammalian Species, 42(854): 58-74. doi:10.1644/854.1

Complete List of Wilson's Publications and Downloadable PDFs

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