Beaked Whale Identification Guide
Tooth position
A single pair of large teeth overlap the posterior edge of the mandibular symphysis. The teeth recline posteriorly in long alveoli at an angle of 140 degrees.

Tooth exposure
In adult males, nearly all the tooth that erupts from lower jaw is exposed above the gumline. Teeth do not erupt above the gumline in females or juveniles.

Tooth shape
Broad and spade-shaped, the teeth of adult male M. traversii do not taper towards the tip as do the teeth of M. layardii. The teeth are weakly sinusoidal in the sagittal plane and the root is offset at about 20 degrees. There is a large prominent denticle on the apex of each tooth that is inclined forward with its tip facing outwards.
Mesoplodon traversii - Left tooth
Illustration from Van Helden et. al. 2002
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