Beaked Whale Identification Guide
Head Shape
Melon is well rounded and slopes fairly steeply onto a relatively short beak. There is a distinct indentation behind the blowhole. The mouthline is weakly sinusoidal.

The pigmentation pattern of northern hemisphere specimens of both sexes of M. mirus consists of a medium gray dorsal body color with a light gray ventral surface. There is a dark area 5-10 cm in diameter around the eye. An area of white pigmentation 10-15 cm in diameter that extends from the anus to the midpoint of the genital slit.

In the southern hemisphere, specimens have a white area extending from the anterior insertion of the dorsal fin back to the anterior edge of the flukes. This patch runs posteroventrally to connect with its counterpart on the other side.

Adult body length ranges between 4.5 to 5.2 m. Recorded maximum body length for adult males and females is 5.3 m and 5.1 m, respectively. Length at birth is 2.3 m.

Most Likely Confused With:
Mesoplodon mirus - Lateral head
Adult male - USNM 504724
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