Beaked Whale Identification Guide
Head Shape
Similar in appearance to Hyperoodon. The medium length beak is distinct from the bulbous forehead. The melon meets the rostrum at an angle of 75 degrees rather than the more severe 90 degrees as seen in Hyperoodon. The mouthline is weakly sinusoidal.

The following description is based on neonate and juvenile color pattern, adult coloration may vary. Posterior to the blowhole, the entire dorsal surface is black, becoming dark gray laterally prior to merging smoothly with the white ventral surface. Posterior to the eye on the lateral surface, the black of the dorsum extends ventrally in a broad band towards the anterior insertion of the flipper, becoming gray at the insertion. A dark band of black extends ventrally from the blowhole to join a black patch surrounding the eye. A small lighter patch is embedded in the area of dark pigmentation posterior to the eye.

Body length range of adult animals is unknown. Recorded maximum body length for an adult female is 5.6 m. Mean body length at birth is unknown.

Most Likely Confused With:
Indopacetus pacificus - Lateral body
Maturity unknown, sex unknown
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