Beaked Whale Identification Guide

Head Shape
The medium length beak distinct is distinct from the bulbous forehead in both sexes, though adult males have a larger head with a more pronounced melon. As males mature the large forehead surface becomes flattened like the end of a barrel and overhangs the beak. The mouthline is weakly sinusoidal.

Dorsal surface is medium to dark gray, ventral surface is lighter. White or yellowish white spots often appear on the sides or bellies. These spots seem to increase with age. White spots can merge together on the belly of older females. Older males have a white forehead with well defined borders that may extend as an irregular patch as far back as the eyes. Females have a gray head, often with a white band on the neck. Dorsal coloration in young animals varies between black and chocolate brown.

Length of adult animals ranges between 6 – 9.8 m. Recorded maximum body length for adult male and female individuals is 9.8 m and 8.7 m, respectively. Mean body length at birth is 3.5 m.

Most Likely Confused With:
Hyperoodon ampullatus - Lateral head
Adult male - STR15148
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