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Phyllomedusa vaillantii
Phyllomedusa vaillantii Ecuador, Pastaza Province. Photographed by William W. Lamar
bar Ronald Heyer
    W. Ronald Heyer
    Research Zoologist

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Ph.D.,University of Southern California, 1968, Biology.
M.S., University of Southern California, 1965, Biology.
B.A., Pacific Lutheran University, 1963, Biology.

Research Interests

Herpetology, Systematics, Evolution, Ecology; current focus is on systematics and biogeography of the Neotropical frog genus Leptodactylus.

Recent Publications

Heyer, W. Ronald and Heyer, Miriam M. 2016. Biographical sketch and bibliography of W. Ronald Heyer. Smithsonian Herpetological Information Service, 147: 1-16. doi:10.5479/si.23317515.147.1

de Sá, Rafael O., Grant, Taran, Camargo, Arley, Heyer, W. Ronald, Ponssa, Maria L. and Stanley, Edward 2014. Systematics of the Neotropical Genus Leptodactylus Fitzinger, 1826 (Anura: Leptodactylidae): Phylogeny, the Relevance of Non-molecular Evidence, and Species Accounts. South American Journal of Herpetology, 9: S1-S128. doi:10.2994/SAJH-D-13-00022.1

Heyer, W. R. 2014. Morphological analyses of frogs of the Leptodactylus latrans complex (Amphibia, Leptodactylidae) from selected localities in South America. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 126(4): 369-378. doi:10.2988/0006-324X-126.4.369

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