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Department ofVertebrate Zoology

Division of Fishes

Carl Hansen
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bar Bruce Collette
    Bruce B. Collette
    Senior Systematic Zoologist, NMFS

  • Phone: (202)633-1287
  • Fax: (202)633-0182
  • E-mail: collettb[at]

  • Mailing Address:
    NMFS Systematics Laboratory
    Smithsonian Institution
    PO Box 37012, MRC 153
    Washington, DC 20013-7012

  • Shipping Address:
    NMFS Systematics Laboratory
    National Museum of Natural History
    10th and Constitution Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20560-0153

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Ph.D. 1960, Cornell University
B.S. 1956, Cornell University

Recent Publications

Polidoro, Beth, Ralph, Gina M., Strongin, Kyle, Harvey, Michael, Carpenter, Kent E., Ayo, Titus Adeofe, Arnold, Rachel, Bannerman, Paul, Nguema, Bibang Bi, Buchanan, Jack R., Mohamed, Khairdine, Camara, Abdallahi, Hawa, Youssouf Camara, Cissoko, Kadiatou, Collette, Bruce B., et al 2016. Red List of Marine Bony Fishes of the Eastern Central Atlantic International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 81 pages.

Nieto, Ana, Ralph, Gina M., Comeros-Raynal, Mia, Kemp, James, García Criado, Mariana, Allen, David J., Dulvy, Nicholas K., Walls, Rachel H. L., Russell, Barry, Pollard, David, García, Silvia, Craig, Matthew, Collette, Bruce B., Pollom, Riley, Biscoito, Manuel, et al 2015. European Red List of Marine Fishes European Union. 81 pages.

Carnevale, Giorgio and Collette, Bruce B. 2014. Zappaichthys harzhauseri, gen. et sp. nov., a new Miocene toadfish (Teleostei, Batrachoidiformes) from the Paratethys (St. Margarethen in Burgenland, Austria), with comments on the fossil record of batrachoidiform fishes. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 34(5): 1005-1017. doi:10.1080/02724634.2014.854801

Rocha, L. A., Aleixo, A., Allen, G., Almeda, F., Baldwin, Carole C., Barclay, M. V. L., Bates, J. M., Bauer, A. M., Benzoni, F., Berns, C. M., Berumen, M. L., Blackburn, D. C., Blum, S., Bolanos, F., Bowie, R. C. K., Britz, R., Brown, R. M., Cadena, C. D., Carpenter, K., Ceriaco, L. M., Chakrabarty, P., Chaves, G., Choat, J. H., Clements, K. D., Collette, Bruce B., et al 2014. Specimen collection: An essential tool. Science, 344(6186): 814-815. doi:10.1126/science.344.6186.814

Collette, Bruce B., Fox, W., Juan Jorda, M., Nelson, R., Pollard, D., Suzuki, N. and Teo, S.. Thunnus orientalis. 2014.

de Sant'Anna, Vivianne B., Collette, Bruce B. and Godfrey, Stephen J. 2013. Belone countermani, a new Miocene needlefish (Belonidae) from the St. Marys Formation of Calvert Cliffs, Maryland. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 126(2): 137-150. doi:10.2988/0006-324X-126.2.137

Collette, Bruce B. 2013. Nikolai Vasil'evich Parin (1932–2012). Copeia, 2013(4): 768-780. doi:10.1643/OT-13-102

Smith-Vaniz, William and Collette, Bruce B. 2013. Fishes of Bermuda. aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, 19(4): 165-186.

Backus, E. H. and Collette, Bruce B. 2013. Obituary: Richard Haven Backus (1922-2012). Copeia, 2013(1): 173-176.

Collette, Bruce B., Polidoro, Beth and Carpenter, Kent 2013. Corrected numbers for fish on the Red List. Nature, 495(7439): 47 doi:10.1038/495047a

Tyler, James C., Collette, Bruce B. and Broughton, Elisabeth A. 2013. Northern Range Extension to Georges Bank for Hollardia hollardi (Reticulate Spikefish) (Triacanthodidae, Tetraodontiformes). Northeastern Naturalist, 20(4): N33-N36. doi:10.1656/045.020.0421

Hawn, Donald and Collette, Bruce B. 2012. What are the maximum size and live body coloration of opah (Teleostei: Lampridae: Lampris species)?. Ichthyological Research, 59(3): 272-275. doi:10.1007/s10228-012-0277-z

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