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Department ofVertebrate Zoology

Division of Fishes

Albatross dredging The Albatross dredging. Photo from Townsend, C. H. 1901, U. S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Report of the Commissioner for the Year Ending June 30, 1900. Plate I.


This presentation was created by Inci A. Bowman and David G. Smith, Division of Fishes, National Museum of Natural History. It is based partly on research papers by Victor G. Springer (Curator); David G. Smith (Museum Specialist) and Jeffrey T. Williams (Collections Manager); and Lisa F. Palmer (Museum Specialist).

The contents of this program, including all images and text, are for educational, non-commercial use only. The use of illustrations and text is governed by Rules and Conditions for Use of Smithsonian Image and Data Files.

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