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Labrador Duck
Labrador Duck
Christina Gebhard © Smithsonian Institution

“Linking Sources and Specimens: Dr. Mearns’s Birds” was funded by a 2012 NMNH Web Advisory Group Grant and a grant from the Coypu Foundation. The photographs of birds from the collection were taken by Don Hurlbert. Special thanks to Christina Gebhard and Brian Schmidt for supervising the project. (Web design also by Brian Schmidt.) Amy Kohout, a graduate student in history at Cornell University, conducted research in the Mearns Papers at NMNH, the Smithsonian Institution Archives, and the Library of Congress, and wrote the text for the project. 

Special thanks to the Field Book Project for the work they’ve done to digitize Mearns’s field books, to the Division of Birds for hosting Amy to work on this project, and to Chris Hale and the Coypu Foundation for providing support to extend the project. 

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